Podcast at SEA - 12 - Søren Rygaard from Norden A/S - There is nothing like bad management


There is nothing like bad leadership that makes employees say ‘I’m out of here’. Søren Rygaard, Global Leadership Trainer and Coach at Norden A/S knows this.
That is why Norden recently has begun a series of new initiatives to enhance the work environment and well-being on board ships.

In this episode of Podcast at SEA, we interview Søren about the good leadership. Søren and his colleague, Ole Nors, spend many days visiting Norden’s vessels all around the world and facilitating officers’ conferences in Manila, Mumbai and Copenhagen to coach ship’s management. As Søren puts it: "No one was ever born a leader. No midwife ever said this child will be the next leader”. In other words, leadership is a skill that truly can be learned.

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